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Business success is derived from Human Capital Development and Human Capital Management.​  ​​​

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Business Resources of Florida is your operation's partner, HR expert and human capital leader regarding your company's success.  In today's environment, operation and HR practices and programs help represent a company's culture and/or employer brand.  A company's success is often achieved by further integrating HR practices and programs into their daily functions and operation programs.  HR is no longer just an administrative function, but a specialized program focused on team recruitment, talent management, risk management, performance metrics, benefits management, IT integration, strategic planner and organization development.                                                                                                          

B​usiness Resources of Florida has  provided Operation's Leadership and  HR  Management expertise to the  following industries:​​

  • Manufacturing-Global/Domestic 
  • Healthcare 
  • University System 
  • Government 
  • Service Industry 
  • Retail 
  • Insurance 
  • Banking/Finance 
  • Security 
  • Distribution-Global/Domestic 
  • E-Commerce-Global/Domestic 

Our focus is to provide a professional service that delivers effective solutions and long-term results.

HR & Business Support Partner

Twenty years ago, I realized the importance of managing and maximizing the human capital element of a growth company.  I began my career in healthcare and learned the importance of people engagement through listening and communicating with them.  I left a leadership role in a hospital and ventured off into assisting companies with their profit and growth objectives.  I assumed a variety of leadership roles (5M–85M companies) predicated on producing performance results by optimizing an operation’s effectiveness and overall efficiency.  During that time, I continued to realize how team member roles, input, and actions could determine the success or failure of a company’s growth and financial wellness.  I realized that the financial statements represent the stability and wealth of the company via numbers but did not represent the “true health” of the company.  In fact, it was my interaction and reliance on the HR Leadership team that gave me a better understanding of the company culture regarding team member needs, wants , expectations and their professional development.  I knew then that I wanted to integrate my experiences and expertise into the professional field of Human Resource Management.  I now have over 20 years of HR application, engagement and leadership.

I am different than most HR Professionals since I have an operation’s management background and understand the day-to-day challenges of running a profitable business.  Because of this experience, I am motivated by challenge and opportunities that require a more complex and comprehensive approach to the design, delivery and success of an HR Program. I have no interest in a “status quo” HR leadership role, but welcome opportunities that require innovation and a measured approach towards achieving company goals and objectives.  I produce HR Program success where others have failed!

William Burda, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, LHRM​